As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, Sparkes will continue to adapt and update procedures accordingly. This year, we will face obstacles but we’re committed to providing community members with farm-fresh produce.

We will be taking the following measure in drive-thru barns to ensure we’re able to deliver the same service while following BC CDC/WHO guidelines:

  1. Employees will be provided with a re-useable/washable mask and hand sanitizer in every barn
  2. Debit available in every barn – PLEASE USE TAP PAYMENT AS FREQUENTLY AS POSSIBLE
  3. Product will be bagged prior to barn opening to ensure employees are not handling payment and product simultaneously
  4. Loyalty cards will still be accepted but will be contact-less

We will revise procedure and protocols as necessary in compliance with BC CDC.

Find answers to common questions about COVID-19 at BC CDC.

Stay safe!