The Sparkes family prides ourselves on growing high-quality corn for the Chilliwack community and only grows non-GMO corn. Sparkes Corn Barn is a local, family-owned business specializing in growing sweet corn since 1998.

Our harvest season generally begins mid-July with our Peaches-n-Cream variety followed by our famous Sparkes Triple Sweet Jubilee about two weeks later. Our corn is ALWAYS picked fresh daily and sold the same day to you!

Watch for our trademarked green barns with the yellow roof.

What you CAN expect from Sparkes Corn Barn:

  • Friendly services
  • Picked fresh daily corn

What you should NOT expect from Sparkes Corn Barn:

  • GMO corn


Mark, Calgary, AB
“Huge fan of your corn! Like huge!! Any place you know in Calgary or area where was can get some? Thank you for your time!”


Cindy, Kelowna, BC
“Got to tell you I love your corn barns! Thanks for bringing them to Kelowna. My mother’s family were early farming settlers in Chilliwack (Fairfield Island). My Mom has since moved to a retirement home in Kamloops so we are happy you have moved the corn to us instead of driving to Chilliwack. Thanks!!

Ron, Kelowna, BC
“Just wanted to let you know I stopped by one of your barns on rutland road today and the girl working there was awesome. She was super nice and had a big smile. It made my day!”


Michael, Kelowna, BC
“I Love your corn!!! I been telling all my friends about your barns, Keep up the good work.”


Dave, Chilliwack, BC
“Love, love , love this corn! Nothing else compares!”


Facebook Post – At 50 Go Girl
“Awesome Corn and I can’t get enough! The perfect summer food.”


Tony, Vernon, BC
“Your corn is the best.”


Michelle, Kelowna, BC
“Best freaking corn I’ve ever had!!”


Garry, Chilliwack, BC
“I love Chilliwack Corn and when ever friends from out of town visit we are sure to serve them some of your corn. Your web site says that your corn is GMO free. That is important to me and most of my friends.”


Marcy, Alberta
“We are from Alberta and a friend brought us some of your corn…..well it is the best corn that we have ever eaten...thank-you so much….we will become regular customers.”